About Us

MPG Global Exploration, LLC. (“MPG Global Exploration”) is a privately owned company that specializes in the drilling and exploration of petroleum and natural gas wells. The company was founded in Liverpool, UK, in 1990, and we have since established our primary headquarters in Houston, TX. At MPG Global Exploration, our primary focus centers on executing exploration and development projects on behalf of third-party clients within the global natural resources industry.

In the past the company has undertaken petroleum and natural gas exploration consulting projects for third parties, made modest investments in exploration activities including exploration and development drilling, seismic operations. In the last 15 years the company has equally focused efforts on the acquisition of mineral leases which it has marketed for cash, or cash and shares, plus royalties around the world where their government policies are allowed. MPG Global Exploration has a small management team that works with a group of equally experienced oil and gas consultants.

MPG Global Exploration has concluded numerous transactions with private and public oil and gas companies in around the world. In majority of cases MPG Global Exploration has retained interests in the prospects which were sold. Often these transactions were done with “startups” and the prospects and leases enabled purchasing companies to raise funds from investors through public financings. In several cases MPG Global Exploration has taken share positions in ‘start up’ resource companies, which it does transactions with, as partial payment.

MPG Global Exploration also is interested in acquiring mineral leases and Gross Overriding Royalties (“GORR’s) from individuals and companies.

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Dennis Walter

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Walter is a seasoned geologist with a remarkable track record spanning more than 35 years in the international oil and gas exploration industry, collaborating with both public and private enterprises. Mr. Walter began his professional journey in 1985 at British Petroleum (BP) in London, UK, where he held various exploration and senior management roles. This journey began after he completed his bachelor’s degree in geology with a geophysics specialization from Clausthal University of Technology in Germany.

In 1990, he relocated to Houston, Texas, and his company engaged in well drilling in collaboration with Exxon Corporation, until the 1999 Exxon-Mobil merger.