Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are focused on creating long-term value for our stockholders and fostering a culture that is steadfast on environmental sustainability, operational safety, social responsibility, and sound corporate governance.


We are committed to protecting the environment in a manner that follows or goes beyond compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. Our efforts to minimize our operational impact are multi-faceted, including reducing greenhouse gas (“GHG”) and air emissions, minimizing the use of freshwater, preventing spills, safeguarding local water supplies, and minimizing waste. Our ongoing environmental programs not only reduce our operational impacts but also improve efficiency, lower costs, and reduce risk. Some of the steps we take to safeguard the environment include:

Health & Safety

We are committed to building a safety culture that empowers employees and contractors to act as needed to work safely and to stop the job, without retribution, if conditions are deemed unsafe. We strive to be incident-free every day across our operations. We are focused on building and maintaining a safe workplace for all employees and contractors. The oil and gas industry has a number of inherent risks and our workers are often outdoors, in all seasons and all types of weather. In addition, our field personnel spend significant time driving on a daily basis, putting them at risk for driving incidents. A strong safety culture is essential to the Company’s success, and we emphasize the important role that all personnel play in creating and maintaining a safe work environment.

We offer a wide range of training opportunities for employees and contractors to help them develop their skills and understanding of our health and safety policy and programs. In addition to teaching specific skills, these training opportunities encourage personal responsibility for safe operating conditions and help to build a culture of individual accountability for conducting job tasks in a safe and responsible manner.

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